Host a Wimbledon Brunch Party

It’s Wimbledon time again but you don’t need centre court tickets to get in on the action!

Why not host your own Wimbledon brunch party ? Even if tennis isn’t really your thing it's the perfect excuse for a get together with friends and family.

For the ultimate ace summer tennis party, make sure your preparation is perfect!

Put the Union Jack bunting up, the live tournament on the television and have strawberries & cream at the ready! Here are some top tips on how to transform your home and garden into a spectator’s paradise!


1. Decorate your house and garden with McAlister Textiles

We have got the perfect colour themed cushions, throws and table runners for your party! Our Aubergine Purple and Emerald Green cushions are available in luxurious matt velvet.  Team with matching Velvet Throws and Table Runners in 18 colour options!

Our Fuchsia Pink and Plain Beige Velvet cushions reflect the winning combination of strawberries & cream that was served at the first ever Wimbledon tournament back in 1877 !

Our Champagne Gold Velvet Cushions, available in plush matt or shiny metallic velvet, represents those champagne moments on the court!

2. Traditional British treats

Take your pick from these delicious food and drink ideas

  • The number one option of course has to be strawberries & cream
  • Cheese and Biscuits from the different counties throughout the British Isles.
  • Add a jug of Pimms - the classic summer drink which can also be made into refreshing ice lollies!
  • Scones, clotted cream and  fine English jams accompanied with a nice pot of English tea! Don't forget the Tea Cosies
  • Traditional fish & chips.
  • A fine celebratory glass of champagne will never go a miss!
  • and some Wimbledon themed cupcakes will go down a treat


3. There is nothing wrong with a bit of healthy competition!

Create a Wimbledon trivia game for your guests to enjoy or fire up the games console for a tennis tournament!


4. Keep the kids entertained!

Organise a treasure hunt using tennis balls, hide the balls inside & outside your house before your little guests arrive, or why now set up a mini tennis tournament (Adults will probably join in with this one too!)

5. Prepare for rain or shine!

You can’t predict our good old English weather so get a gazebo up in the garden, fill it with comfy seats and drape McAlister Textiles Throws  and Cushions over your furniture. No matter what the weather you can be sure that rain will never stop play.

Having the company of friends and family has to be the main bonus of watching Wimbledon at home and without the expense of travelling down to the ‘All England Club’ in London. 

Instead you can just spend a modest amount on  McAlister Textiles soft furnishings, traditional British party food and classic drinks and host a winning feast, picnic or afternoon tea in style. 

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